What is CandidCar?


CandidCar is the first website to offer real detailed used vehicle research to the public. It aims to answer two fundamental questions that used vehicle owners/buyers have.


      How much will the vehicle cost to maintain from the time I buy it until the time I sell it?

      When (at what odometer reading) will I have a major maintenance issue (transmission/engine)?

The truth is that, unlike men, ALL vehicles are NOT created equal and some vehicles are more prone to maintenance than others. After all, some vehicles are driven to 250,000 miles without any engine/transmission failure and some vehicles don’t make it past 140,000. CandidCar wants to educate you and give you the data to make an informed decision about your next used vehicle purchase OR when to sell your current used vehicle in order to maximize the value.


CandidCar answers these questions by collecting massive amounts of quantitative used vehicle data from vehicle maintenance facilities (auto repair shops, transmission repair shops, etc.). With that data, CandidCar filters by year/make/model/zip code and informs you about how much you can expect to spend, how frequent you can expect to spend it, and when you’ll be faced with the dreaded $2,000 mechanic bill.


Additionally, with myCandidCar, you can input your own vehicle maintenance information and see how your vehicle maintenance experience compares with national/state averages for the same vehicle.


For more information on what CandidCar is all about, click on Our Services

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