CandidCar was founded in 2010 by Daniel Hansberger (Silent Semi LLC).



The idea for was created the day I took my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee to the mechanic. When I discovered that my transmission had failed, I wondered whether the value of my Jeep was greater than the cost to replace the transmission. I wondered if all transmissions on Jeeps failed at 140,000 miles or was my Jeep the exception in a sea of hundreds of thousands of 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokees all over the world. Additionally, I thought that if there was a way to feel confident about when my Jeep transmission would fail, could I possibly have sold the Jeep prior to that point and saved the headache of a transmission repair? If we know that the transmission fails at around 140,000 miles, is the “used car” value at 140,000 adjusted to reflect that? What is the probability that my transmission will fail before 140,000 miles? was created to answer those types of questions.


The beauty of it is that all of the data is real data. There’s no bias, no games, no assumptions. It is simply lots of vehicle maintenance data in a statistical presentation for you to take advantage of. promises to never try and sell you a vehicle. We are an information service only and we are quite happy to inform!

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