All data is gathered from vehicle maintenance facilities OR automotive repair shops similar to the one where you take your vehicle. All of the graphs and reports are generated by real vehicle data. The conclusions are drawn from real people in your area who take their vehicles to real mechanics and spend real money. Our goal is earn your trust by getting as much data on your vehicle in your area as possible.

The Snapshot 


Access to browse the following graphs:

           Maintenance Costs per 1,000 miles vs. Mileage

           Trips to Mechanic and Average Cumulative Cost vs. Mileage

           Average Mechanic Bill and Cumulative Costs vs. Mileage

           Average Cumulative Repair Costs vs. Mileage

           Payments OVER $1,000 vs. Mileage

PLUS – access to our Top 10 graphs/reports, which include:

           The top 10 least expensive vehicles to maintain

           The top 10 vehicles with less than 60,000 miles and over $1,000 maintenance bills

I’d like a FREE Snapshot of my vehicle’s future right now!

The Vehicle Future Report

All of The Snapshot features, PLUS:

           A side by side comparison tool to evaluate multiple vehicles at once

           The ability to input a beginning mileage and ending mileage.

           Generate a unique report (from beginning mileage to ending mileage) which includes the      

             following information:

                    o    Average total maintenance cost from purchase to ending mileage

                    o    Average trips to mechanic

                    o    Average mechanic bill per trip

                    o    Estimated mileage where probability of “big fix” is > 50% (big fix is repair > $1,200)

                    o Economic death of vehicle

                    o Economic life of vehicle (years)

                    o    Estimated # of “big fix” mechanic visits

                    o    Average cost of “big fix” visits

                    o    Industry Accepted Vehicle Value* @ purchase mileage

                    o    Industry Accepted Vehicle Value* @ ending mileage

                    o    Industry Accepted Vehicle Value* depreciation per 10,000 miles

PLUS – all of the corresponding graphs for the information above ALL on one document! It’s perfect for shopping for used vehicles!

I’d like to start my Vehicle Future Report right now for the low cost of $5 USD for 6 weeks of use!

*Industry Accepted Vehicle Values refer to KBB / NADA / Edmunds

Big fix visits are primarily, but not exclusive to, transmission or engine repairs

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